Here we are,

Finally we succeed to organize a fullday with #raffamanieri. It was the award for the winner of our photo contest on “girls and boys integration in sport”.

The winner has been:

  • Noemi Mauro
  • almost 10 years old
  • player in the #inter  girl youth sector.
  • aspirant striker

We spent a day in Milan, in the sign of  #fun. We had lunch together, we did some shopping and Noemi came back home with a nice #diary to start the new school year.

I am so happy to be a benchmark for so many girls who are dreaming to become professional athletes. This contest is one of the several initiatives I am carrying on each year with RaffaManieri Academy. I am doing that to support the growth of womens’ soccer in Italy.

Noemi I wish you to enjoy your training and your next soccer year.

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