Next June, for the first time, Italy Women’s National Football Team will take part to FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 in France. We are wondering how many people will follow this important sport event all around the world.

In order to write about women in football it is right and proper to have a global view about this sport. Working in a small football club we could lose the international soul of this sport and how it can break down boundaries and build up bridges among people from different cultures.

Today we can learn life and times of  men players, but it is not like that for women players. Luckily they are more and more in each football federation and according to a 2014 FIFA research, there are:

  • more than 30 million of women players, and 5 million are members of a football club   ( 50% are playing in the US and Canada);
  • more than 15 million are Under-17;
  • more than 83.000 coaches;
  • more than 76.000 referees;


The Top 5 federations in terms of number of women players are:

  1. US                  1,6  million
  2. Germany    0.87 million
  3. Canada       0.49 million
  4. Sweden       0.13 million
  5. Australia    0.11  million


The Top 5 federations in terms of  numbers of women players in youth sectors are:

  1. US                    1,5   million
  2. Canada          0,41  million
  3. Germany      0,23  million
  4. Sweden        0,11   million
  5. Australia     0,08  million


And in Italy? According to Federcalcio, there are:

  • more than women players member of a team (50% are Under-18);
  • around 660 professional women players;


Around the world there are still many cultural challenges to win about women and football. Girls still have to face gender, religious and economical discriminations. In Italy the most critical ones concern the family and the parent biases against this sport for their daughters.

The goal of RaffaManieri Academy, is to win these fears by supporting all the clubs interested in the women’s football development in their area. After 3 years of experience with the Pink Arzilla project at Pesaro, we designed a training programme for parents, club managers and coaches who want to join us and let Italy wins the World Cup.


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